TED Virtual Machine (VM)

How to run the TED toolkit Virtual Machine (VM) Application


Download VirtualBox: http://www.virtualbox

Setting up TED VM Application

Downdload TED VM files from Galaxy Data Libraries

Galaxy Data Libraries link: http://galaxy.hunter.cuny.edu/library/list#folders/Fb56e686e7a485784


Select Appliance on VM


Import OVA Appliance on VM


TED Appliance settings for import on VM


TED Appliance Importing on VM


TED Appliance Settings on VM

Go to Settings


System Requirements

Open virtual disk file for TED Appliance on VM



Setup Adapter 1


Setup Adapter 2


Shared Folders

Setup Adapter 1


Connecting TED Appliance on VM

Go to Settings


Broad casted Galaxy instance IP address


Web Browser connection of Galaxy instance on VM


How to access TED toolkit on VM

TED VM Troubleshoot

Galaxy instance IP address unreachable


Reinitialize TED appliance


Reconnect Galaxy instance IP address on web browser